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Par:    John Monette    de:       le    16-Jul-2019

Just a little note to thank Gilles for his excellent work that he did on my car. I had a few dents that were repaired very quickly and at a reasonable price. Would highly recommend Gilles and his team to anyone looking for this type of repair service.

Par:    Alexandre Labreche    de:    Directeur des Ventes - Aylmer Kia   le    07-Jun-2019

Merci Gilles pour ton service et ton travail hors pair! Toujours un plaisir de faire affaire avec Dent Tec. Ton professionnalisme et ton assiduité sont remarqués et très appréciés chez Aylmer Kia depuis longue date!

Par:    Denis Roy    de:       le    31-May-2019

Gilles a fait de petit miracle sur ma voiture et celle de mon fils. Service très professionnel. Je le recommande sans aucune hésitation .

Par:    Serge Gunner     de:    Directeur des Ventes Subaru Outaouais    le    21-May-2019

J'aimerais souligner le service extraordinaire que Dent tec nous donne chez Subaru Outaouais semaine après semaine depuis 10 ans merci !

Par:    Stephen Lacroix    de:    Directeur Adjoint Des Ventes@Aylmer Kia   le    17-May-2019

We have been using Denttec for several years now and we are extremely satisfied with their work. Always punctual without exceptions, dents removed efficiently and properly without hindering the quality of the vehicle. Our cars end up after in the hands of our clients with total satisfaction. We would like to thank Gille and his team at Denttec.


Par:    Brian Hoyt    de:    Sales Manager at Lincoln Heights Ford   le    09-May-2019

We have been using DentTec for 18 years and have never been disappointed. Always great results at a very far price. Gilles is a magician when it comes to removing a dent without paint.
Thank you Gilles!

Par:    Alain Fortin    de:    Donnelly Collision Centre   le    01-May-2019

We have been using Dent Tec for many years and Gilles is one of the best. We have used other companies over the years that were not as professional. Gilles and his son run a very good business. I would recommend them to anyone who needs work done.

Par:    John Gilchrist    de:    Sales Manager @HuntClub Volkswagen   le    01-May-2019

Gilles is the best ! He has been providing his very high quality service to us for years. Reliable, honest, & top quality workmanship.
He's our "go to" guy for PDR.

Par:    S.K.    de:    Customer   le    30-Apr-2019

Gilles deserves all possible credits for his honesty, expertise and professionalism. He gave me an estimate and took me in after 30 min. Amazing. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. All dents disappeared in front of my eyes. This man does magical work. After completing the work, he said to pay him $40 less because it was easier work than he expected. In today's world this honesty is very hard to find. I highly recommend him.

Par:    Mike Lavigne     de:    Service manager @HuntClub Volkswagen   le    28-Apr-2019

Gilles and his team have been a fixture at Hunt Club VW for the past 10 years there professional work and high quality workmanship is why we use this company. If it is possible to remove a dent without paint Gilles will let you know before he starts it is nice to have an experienced guy in your corner

Par:    mathieu gauthier    de:    Directeur @Carle Ford   le    25-Apr-2019

Très satisfait, service flexible et très rapide. J'aimais déçu des réparations, impossible a voir la différence avec l’état d'origine

Par:    Carla Blacquiere    de:    Service Manager @Otto's Subaru   le    25-Apr-2019

Love your work Gilles. You are extremely skilled at your craft.
We appreciate all the work you do for us. Many times have helped us out.
We appreciate working with you.

Par:    JEAN-FRANCOIS HOTTE    de:    Directeur @Buckingham Toyota   le    25-Apr-2019

Wow !
Service impeccable, rapide et professionnel

Toujours prêt a nous aider lors de demande spéciale.

Merci d'être la pour nous.

Par:    jean charron    de:    directeur Gatineau Hyundai   le    23-Apr-2019

Un gros merci a toute l equipe de Denttec pour le service exeptionnel que Gilles nous offres depuis plus de 15 ans que je fais affaire et toujours le meme service rapide et sans tracas.

Par:    Reda    de:    Directeur @Volkswagen de l'Outaouais   le    16-Apr-2019

Professionel ,ponctuel ,rapide et efficace , quelques mots pour decrire avec precision les talents et le travail exemplaire de Gilles .

Un gros merci

Par:    Colin Crampton    de:       le    03-Apr-2019

Thanks again Gilles for taking the dents out of the hood of my 2015 Dodge Charger R/T. I say again because this is the second time that it has suffered damage from falling ice and it's the second time you have been able to fix it! You truly are a master at what you do.
I would highly recommend your service to anyone I know or anyone looking for dent repair service 10 out of 10 every time.

Par:    Hubert    de:       le    12-Jun-2017

Au mois de juin 2017, je découvre une petite bosse sur la portière de mon Ford Expedition 2016, juste sous la serrure. J'étais en beau maud*@#*!

Monsieur "Dent Tec" a réparé le tout rapidement et avec précision. Il n'y a plus de bosse et je suis soulagé, et ce, à peu de frais. Merci Dent Tec! :D

Par:    François Dubois    de:       le    17-Mar-2015

Gilles de Dent-Tec a réparé avec professionnalisme, minutie et courtoisie une bosse sur ma voiture de la taille d'une petite assiette à dessert.

Après la réparation, j'ai été agréablement surpris de voir que tout était revenu comme auparavant. Du beau travail!

Le tout en un temps record! :)

Par:    Harry Demers    de:       le    23-Oct-2013

Thank you Gilles for the great job you did on my 2013 Lincoln that had only 550 km on it. You are a true expert and it shows by all the car dealerships that you help in getting small dents out. Would recommend you to anyone needing your expertise. Thanks again.

Par:    Terri-Lynn    de:       le    05-May-2013

Hi Gilles,

I just wanted to say thank you very much for fixing my car door last Thursday night. I am very pleased with the results and would definitely recommend you.

Thank you,

Par:    Simon     de:    ORR MOTORS   le    20-Sep-2012

awesome saved us so much money! ask him for a complimentary chocolate bar !

a real gentleman great family and a wizard with dents!!!!

Par:    Geetesh    de:       le    12-Apr-2012

Had a couple of shopping cart dings removed on my 2009 Acura MDX. They were driving me insane, but luckily I found Gilles by accident, pun intended!!! he had them removed in about 1/2 hour, and all the while we chatted about everything under the sun. What a great, friendly guy to deal with. He was patient and meticulous, 2 importnant things I look for when treating my cars. He is so good, you will want to come back again, but hopefully not too soon. Thx Gilles.

Par:    Mary Parungao    de:       le    22-Oct-2011

Gilles is a magician. He does what other dent removers will not even attempt. In my case, it was in a difficult spot, and the others were saying bodywork and they wouldn't even try. But bodywork would have been so much more expensive, it would have been a lot riskier in final appearance

Gilles work was immaculate, and the car looked like new.

He is the Da Vinci of dent repairs.

Par:    Mike and Emily Zanichkowsky     de:       le    28-Aug-2011

I would like to make a testimonial after my visit to Dent Tec this evening -

Dent Tec did a fantastic job on what I thought was an "impossible-to-reach" dent on my 2005 GMC Jimmy driver's door. I gave myself only a 5 percent chance of success. As Gilles got to work, lo and behold, the two inch crease slowly fanished right before my eyes. What was equally astonishing was the price - a mere fraction of what you would get from a body shop. It's all true. I absolutely recommend Dent Tec to everyone who is reading this testimonial.

Par:    Bill Ayyad    de:       le    08-Mar-2011

I was referred to Gilles (Dent Tec) by a business associate. I had recently purchaed a near-new SUV and discovered a sizable dent above the rear door handle.
At first, I was skeptical that anyone, other than a body shop (at a cost of several hundred dollars), will be able to repair it. I gave Gilles a call and he was very friendly and accommodated my schedule. It took Gilles about 30 minutes and the dent was gone as if it was never there!!! Just amazing and at a fraction of the cost of body work, paint,..etc. Gilles is a great guy to deal with and does amazing work. Two thumbs up (highly recommended)!!

Par:    Francois Desrochers    de:       le    30-Nov-2010

Travail impeccable et professionnel. Au delà de mes attentes.


Francois Desrochers

Par:    Kevin    de:       le    25-Nov-2010

Gilles did a fantastic job removing a dent from my Buick Allure everyone else said couldn't be done. A very patient, meticulous and friendly guy. I give Dent Tec two thumbs up!!!

Par:    Gilbert    de:       le    03-Sep-2010

Gilles, you did an excellent job on both my cars. Your professional work was carried out in a very friendly environment, my wife was very impressed. I certainly will be recommending you to anyone that need dent repairs. Continue the great work. Thanks again.


Par:    Raphael    de:       le    31-Aug-2010

Excellent service, réparation parfaite! Facile d'avoir un rendez-vous! Ma femme est tres contente!

Par:    Daniel Brazeau    de:    Directeur des ventes Les Automobiles Baurore   le    21-Jul-2010

Efficace, rapide et ponctuel, voilà le genre de service que nous obtenons avec Dent Tec.Des réparation peu couteuses qui parfois changent l`allure d`un véhicule.
Merci Gilles!

Par:    Tammy     de:       le    06-Jul-2010

***** Gilles, you did a fabulous job on my Santa Fe and quickly too. My dent was the size of my fist and it is now totally gone. Professional work in a very clean, comfortable and friendly environment. I will not think twice to send my friends your way. Thanks! Tammy

Par:    Andrew Olive    de:       le    13-May-2010


thanks for the amazing job you did on my Subaru Legacy wagon. It had accumulated a number of dings over the years and now the body is as straight as it was when I picked it up new from the dealership!

Truly excellent work.

thanks again,

Par:    William L    de:       le    13-May-2010

I've seen Gilles work on countless cars over the years and his precision and expertise never ceases to amaze me. Thank you on behalf of the National Capital Subaru Club!


Par:    Steve    de:       le    31-Mar-2010

Un ÉNORME merci à Gilles pour son excellent travail sur ma voiture.

Je suis quelqu'un de très pointilleux au sujet de ma voiture et Gilles à répondu à mes attentes à 100% et ce, à un prix très abordable!!!

Le voir travailler et voir les bosses disparaître est tout simplement magique!!!

Encore une fois, MERCI!!

Par:    JACQUES AUTO    de:       le    25-Mar-2010

Depuis plusieures années et des centaines de bosses disparues, nous sommes toujours aussi satisfaits de la précision et de la qualité du travail. Accessible, rapide et efficace. Nous pouvons sans crainte recommander Dent-tec.

Par:    Doug from Barrhaven    de:       le    28-Oct-2009

I brought my Nissan Altima coupe to Dent Tec get several shopping cart dings removed. Dent Tec did an awesome job, dents were completely removed. Great service and great price.


Par:    Sylvie St-Amour    de:    Hull Hyundai   le    28-Sep-2009

Bonjour tout le monde.
J'utilise les services de Gilles et son garçon depuis 4 ans environ. Je sais que je peux me fier à eux pour un travail bien fait. Je suis toujours satisfaite et émerveillée par leurs rapidités à effectuer un travail avec précision et habilité.
Toujours très ponctuel et honnête.
Un coup de téléphone
Un rendez-vous
Et votre véhicule est comme un neuf "COMME PAR MAGIE"
Pourquoi attendre

Par:    Jan van Zyll de Jong    de:    Vice-President, Underground Miata Network   le    22-Sep-2009

We have been using Dent Tec for a number of years now, trusting our prized possessions to Gilles. I have seen Gilles take countless dents out of our club members miatas, restoring them to their original beauty. Each season we hold a number of "tech nights" where members come to work on their cars and tech nights with Dent Tec are always one of the best attended.

I would definitely recommend Gilles and Dent Tec to anyone looking to remove dents from their vehicle. Thanks Gilles!

Par:    Naresh Debidin    de:    Autocross Nut   le    08-Sep-2009

Can't thank you enough for fixing my Miata's hood tonight. I'm amazed and grateful. I also know where to go to get excellent work done by a really nice guy. Thank you again.

Par:    Annie et Florent     de:       le    25-Aug-2009

Gilles, Ton travail est remarquable. Tu as fait un miracle avec notre nouveau FLEX 2009. Ca ne vaut meme pas la peine de faire une réclamation aux assurances, tes prix sont super bon. Merci de ton honneteté et des conseils.

Vous pouvez lui faire confiance avec votre véhicule, vous avez notre parole.

Annie et Florent

Par:    Dominick Cousineau-Benoit    de:       le    26-Jul-2009

Je n'ai que des éloges à faire à l'endroit de Gilles de chez Dent Tec.

Professionnel, courtois et chaleureux, il a fait un travail impeccable sur mon véhicule, et en un temps presque record.

Merci Gilles, j'ai adoré faire affaire avec toi, et je n'hésite pas à parler de toi à tous ceux que je connais!


Par:    Ian Whitecross    de:     Retired Military Phys. Ed. Instr.   le    24-Jul-2009

If you were impressed with Sham-Wow then be prepared for Gilles. I have a Mazda Miata that was in awesome condition until a dent from a door left a dimple the size of a Looney. I arrived at 8:45PM and was skeptical because I have never heard of a Dent Doctor. By 9:20 I was amazed. Body Shops quoted me over $600 and two to three days without my car. Gilles was pleasant and informative and I defy people to locate the area repaired. I highly recommend Gilles to all those needing a dent taken out of there cars. Thanks again and as a Scotsman it was a "Frugal" (okay cheap) choice I made.

Par:    Steve Hamelin    de:    Donnelly Ford   le    01-Jun-2009

I have been in the car business for over 12 years now and have seen many dent company's come and go. I've been using Gilles for all my paint less dent removal for over 7 years now and would never consider using anyone else. In my opinion he is by far the best, fastest, and professional dent company in the market place.

Gilles, thanks again for all your help over the years. I look forward to continuing our business relationship.

Par:    JD Richard    de:       le    27-May-2009


I bought a beautiful Honda Accord Coupe from Civic Honda (a great dealer and great product) and it had a very very small but seeable outward dent on the hood. Gilles and his son got to work and, with the hands of a highly skilled craftsman, fixed the dent to be unseeable (basically no more dent). I don't know how he does it, but Gilles and his son are good. They are also very pleasent individuals who I would deal with and recommend any time.

Thanks for the GREAT service and now I can drive my new dent free car.

I would also like to thank Brian Colquhoun of Civic Motors for very quickly assessing the issue and arranging the repair with Dent Tec.

JD Richard

Par:    Dan B.    de:       le    22-May-2009

WOW! I brought my BMW over to Gilles last night and he did the impossible! I had 3 small but very deep dents on the hood of my car, which left the metal stretched pretty badly. He made sure to warn me of the risks involved, and I gave him the go-ahead after seeing the testimonials here. He treated my car as if it was his own, and the dents are completely invisible! BMW was charging me 1500$ to repair the dents... Gilles did the job for a tiny fraction of this price.

Thanks again Gilles! I hope I didn't stress you too much!

Par:    Robin Malhotra    de:       le    21-May-2009

We have been using Gilles from Dentec for nine years and we have never had a customer complain about a dent on the car after he has worked on it.

Par:    André Dolbec    de:       le    11-May-2009

Lorsque j'ai acheté notre Subaru Impreza en mars 2005, elle avait deux petites bosses. Le vendeur m'a dit que ce n'était pas grave et d'aller voir quelqu'un qui pouvait la débosseler sans avoir à la repeindre. C'est alors que j'ai connu Gilles de Dent Tec. En 10 minutes, il avait fait disparaître toute trace grâce à ses baguettes magiques. Le lendemain, j'allais faire enlever les 5 bosses sur notre deuxième voiture, une Honda Accord 2002.

Depuis ce temps, je passe le voir régulièrement pour l'entretien annuel de nos deux voitures. Je sais que je peux compter sur lui pour les remettre à neuf sans que ça nous coûte le prix d'une peinture et que nous ayions à laisser la voiture pour quelques jours. Il est un artiste qui sait manier ses outils et il travaille le métal comme si c'était du carton. Je n'ai aucune hésitation à le recommander.

Par:    Keith Boardman     de:   le    08-May-2009

I have been using Gilles for dent repair for over 2 years now. His work is simply exceptional. I have had everything from minor dents to severe hail damage repaired, and the results are always amazing.
Congratulations Gilles, keep up the great work!

Par:    KALIL DAGHER    de:     CIVIC MOTORS   le    28-Apr-2009


Par:    Kenny    de:       le    27-Apr-2009

I own a beautiful highly modified Honda S2000. From day one when I got the car it has a dent bigger then a toonie directly on the crease on the passenger side door. I went to other places and no one could fix it due to its exact location. I lived with it for 2 years and it drove me nuts to look at it. I then came across dent tec and thought to give Gilles a call. That same day I drove down to meet with him to see what he could do. Needless to say, less then 30 minutes I was on my way back home and the damaged area now looked new once again. Amazing work, highly recommended to anyone and any car. I and the wife thank you. I don't have to look at it ever again and she doesn't have to hear me complain!


Par:    Dwight Tanguay    de:     Shawville car owner   le    18-Apr-2009

Fantastic job done on my 2001 Bonneville SSEI,cannot even guess where dent was on my car. Gilles magic would make Houdini envious!

Par:    Meedo Maurice    de:     SUBARU OTTAWA   le    03-Nov-2008

Gilles should have been a magician. This is how it seems when he works on a dent on one of our cars. Now you see it...Now you don't! Amazing work and on pretty large dents, pleasant service and a smile too, makes dealing with Gilles an absolute pleasure.

Meedo Maurice

Par:    Danielle Brisson    de:    VILLA TOYOTA   le    28-Oct-2008

Nous utilisons les services de Dent Tec depuis plusieurs années. Dent Tec a su maintenir, au fils des années, un niveau de fiabilité et de qualité de service de premier rang. Merci pour le bon travail!


Par:    Michel Villeneuve     de:     TOYOTA GATINEAU   le    20-Oct-2008

Je connais Gilles de Dent Tec depuis plus de 7 ans et nous avons toujours été très satisfait du travail qu'il a accompli. Même les clients qui le regarde travailler sont épaté de voir ce qu'il peut faire.
Un gros merci à toi Gilles.

Par:    Kirk Cameron    de:     Dilawri Auto   le    01-Oct-2008

I have been using Dent Tec for more than 9 years and have never once been dissatisfied. Our dealership's prime concern is customer satisfaction, and Dent Tec helps us achieve this every time. We are a major volume dealer in the city and timing is often a factor - Dent Tec helps us satisfy our customers....and FAST!! They are not only the best in dent removals but a total class act to deal with - 110% satisfied!!!

Par:    Normand Dumoulin     de:   le    04-Sep-2008

Depuis plusieur annees, j'utilise les services de Gilles et je suis toujour impressionne par la qualitee de sont travail. Je le recommande a tout mes clients.

Par:    Jean-Pierre Sylvestre    de:    Responsable Auto-Show Aylmer   le    26-Aug-2008

J'utilise les services de Gilles depuis un bon nombre d'années. Ma première expérience était mon camion Tacoma 1995 qui avait reçu un bon coup de pied sur le côté lors du 24 juin. Je ne pouvais pas croire que le dommage pouvait disparaitre sans avoir une nouvelle peinture et la magie de Gilles a remis mon camion, qui était ma fierté, en état de neuf. Si vous êtes fier de votre voiture, communiquez avec le magicien du coin...

Par:    Philippe Bisson    de:       le    17-Jun-2008


What can I say ... you are a god. One of my babies (my ShelbyGT500) got damaged the other day when a bag fell on it from a storage shelf. 3 dents in one shot !!!!Sorry if I looked tired Gilles when you got to my place but I don't think I had slept since the mis-hap. Anyway, I just wanted to take this time to say thank you for the professional service you provide not to mention the incredible work you did. Dent ! What dent ? I'm truly amazed and it's like i just woke up from a nightmare !!!! Thanks Gilles ... now when you have time you can fix the wife's van .... no rush because we are not losing sleep over that one ! lol !



Par:    Richard Champagne    de:     CARLE FORD   le    05-Jun-2008

Gilles fait un excellent travail, toujours ponctuel. Jamais eu de mauvais commentaires de clients, personne ne peut egaler son travail dans la region. MERCI GILLES..........

Par:    Luc Laroche    de:    Directeur Des Ventes - AUGER TOYOTA   le    02-Jun-2008

J'ai toujours apprecié le proffessionnalisme, la rapidité de Gilles, ainsi que son devouement a satisfaire notre clientele.

Par:    Moodie Ismail    de:     from Instyle Auto   le    01-Jun-2008

I had previously used other dent removal services in the past but nobody compares to Dent Tec. It didn't take me long to figure out that Gilles is simply the god in the dent removal business. Great father & son team, always there when we need them. Thank you for everything!!!!

Par:    Pat Menard    de:       le    21-May-2008

In under 45 minutes Gilles took out a massive dent and 6 smaller ones in my door panels. He's a real professional, does incredible work and has extremely reasonable rates.

Par:    Paul Pilon    de:     membre Club Subaru de la Capitale Nationale   le    20-May-2008

J'ai fait appel à Gilles pour la première fois en 2001. Depuis, il a travaillé sur plusieurs de mes voitures et celles de mes proches. Son travail méticuleux, son approche agréable et des résultats exceptionnels font partie de chaque prestation.

Il fait dorénavant partie des commanditaires de notre club et nous en sommes fiers.

Merci Gilles !

Par:    PETER PEARS    de:    Metro Chrysler   le    15-May-2008

Gilles has repaired more that 300 vehicles for me and I can honestly say he is amazing.

Par:    Dan D     de:    Car owner in Aylmer.   le    13-May-2008

Amazing work by Dent Tec. Been using their services for 5 years. Highly recommended.

Par:    Richard Castonguay    de:   le    08-May-2008

Ca fait 8 ans que nous travaillons ensemble. Merci Gilles pour l'excellent service et le travail bien fait.

Par:    Pierre Desjardins    de:   le    07-May-2008

Gilles (le magicien des bosses), je le recommande a tout mes clients et amis.

Par:    Kevin Hurdis    de:     SUBARU OTTAWA   le    05-May-2008

I have used several dent removal companies in the past but I can honestly say none compare to Gilles. He is always there when he says he will be and I have never seen better quality. My customers are always extremely pleased and somewhat surprised at how well the job turned out.

Par:    Elie Khalil    de:    Directeur des Ventes D'occasion Toyota Gatineau   le    30-Apr-2008

J'ai rencontrer Gilles il y a maintenant plus de 4 ans, le travail qu'il fait est vraiment extraordinaire. Je lui fait confiance pour tout mes vehicules, son travail me permet de vendre des vehicules en excellent etat esthetique qui en retour nous aide a justifier le prix demander pour nos vehicules. J'invite tout le monde a faire confiance aux seul et unique maitre debosseleur de la region.

Elie Khalil

Par:    André Raposo    de:    Directeur des ventes à PROMENADE KIA   le    25-Apr-2008

Je fais affaire avec Dent Tec et Gilles Bernier depuis maintenant 9 ans et je peux témoigner de l'efficacité du service courtois et la qualité exceptionnelle des travaux de réparation effectués sur nos voitures et celles de nos clients. C'est une entreprise sérieuse et honnète qui a réellement le souci du détail et du travail bien fait. Je recommande Gilles Bernier et Dent Tec à tous mes clients et les visiteurs de ce site.

Par:    Richard Myre     de:   le    25-Apr-2008

Ca fait 8 ans que nous travaillons ensemble et je peux vous dire que Gilles fait des miracles avec les fameuses bosses. Il fait un travail remarquable. Je le recommande a tous ceux que je connais. Merci Gilles et bonne bosses.


Par:    Kent Kuzio     de:    DOW HONDA   le    25-Apr-2008

We've been using DentTec for over 7 years now and I can't recommend Gilles strong enough! Over the years he's saved our company tens of thousands of dollars in paint work. He's there when you need him and every job is professionally done. If you want to use the best call Gilles!

Par:    RICHARD SAUNDERS    de:     OTTAWA HONDA   le    25-Apr-2008

I have experienced many dent removal companies over the years, and I must say that we are very impressed of the results. Gilles experience on our vehicles is second to none, and would recommend Dent Tec to any company or consumer to see first class results.



Par:    David Cameron     de:    LINCOLN HEIGHTS FORD   le    25-Apr-2008

Gilles at Dent Tec has saved Lincoln heights Ford $1,000's over the past 6 years in paintless dent repairs. Alway's there when you need him, work always done perfect the first time. Recommend Dent Tec to any body. Thank You Gilles.

Par:    Jean Gauthier     de:    PROMENADE KIA   le    24-Apr-2008

I recommend Dent Tec to anybody who wants to remove small dents & imperfections on their car and be satisfied. You want good work, well done by real pros? Deal with Gilles Bernier. We automatically call Dent Tec for any used even new vehicle that we buy for retail sales and we've never been disappointed !

Par:    FRED ORR    de:    ORR MOTORS   le    23-Apr-2008

For those of you who don't know Gilles - he continually amazes me with what he can repair - this guy is a god send for car dealers.

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