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Réparation de bosses sans peinture Gatineau

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Big Dent Back Door Dodge Flex Fuel

This big dent on back door on Grand Caravan came out perfectly.

Nasty Dents On Body Line

These dents were in awkward positions. Do you see anything after?

Hail Storm Damage on Roof

This car was in the hail storm of summer 2012 in Ottawa and there were hundreds of dents all over the car. It looks like new after spending an afternoon at Dent Tec.

Dent Tec is a paintless dent removal (PDR) company serving the Ottawa and Gatineau region. At Dent Tec, we: repair dents caused by hails, pull door dings, fix creases, smooth kinks, any minor or major dents on your vehicle. Dent Tec will do all these repairings to as perfection as possible without alternating the original paint.

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