Any object can cause dents to your car such as shopping carts, door dings, other cars, balls, kids, bikes, hails etc... With a body shop, you might lose your car from one to several days and there is a chance that the paint won't be a perfect match.  With Dent Tec, you are benefit from:
  • Less waiting time:  A job can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours − depends on how big and how complicated the dent is.
  • Keep original paint:  We do not use any filler, bondo, or paint to alter the finish of your car.  This also a green gesture for we do not generate any harmful waste to the environment. However, if the paint is already chipped/stretched we cannot guaranty this option.
  • Low cost:  We offer very competitive price, at a fraction of what body shop might charge you.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee:  We absolutely do not accept any payment if you are not 100% satisfied.
Please take a look at our photo gallery to see the type of job we can do